Sox Holiday 2016

Working directly with the White Sox organization, we shot a silly video for the 2016 Holiday season. South Paw was great and the shoot was a lot of fun. Client: White Sox Live Action Direction – Amador Valenzuela (Black Book Studio) Director of Photography - Sergio


Fasetto LINK

This is a montage which showcases Fasetto's presence at this years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Black Book Studio designed and animated the visuals you see featured on each of the iPads next to the vehicles. Client - Fasetto Creative Direction – Amador Valenzuela


Furious 7

This is the fast-paced title sequence for the seventh installment in this high-octane franchise. Animated for  Filmograph. Credits: CG, Animation: Aaron Becker, Amador Valenzuela CD – Aaron Becker EP – Seth Kleinberg Below are the many iterations of the main title for Furious 7.


3DS Max 25 YEARS

Created for the 25th Anniversary of 3DS MAX. This is the evolution of a primitive shape as it transforms into complex geometry. This represents the progress and evolution of the software it was created in. Sound Design by Wesley Slover sonosanctus.com


We’re All Made of Stars

This is an animated logo for an upcoming web series directed by Bruno Miotto. Credits: Design / Animation - Amador Valenzuela (Black Book) Puppet Rig/Animation - Todd Kumpf Model & Texturing "STARS" - Jesus Bibian, Jr. 2D Animation support - Katrina Zimmerman


Sinister 2

Main on end titles design and animated for Filmograph This version contains footage that was originally shot but ultimately cut from the final film. Credits: CG, Design, Animation: Amador Valenzuela CD – Aaron Becker EP – Seth Kleinberg DP - Sergio Salgado Special Thanks - Luca



Created for Filmograph, we developed a contemporary animation for WWE's growing presence in the film market. CG, Desgin, Animation: Amador Valenzuela CD - Aaron Becker EP - Seth Kleinberg


Raindog Films

Feature film production logo for Raindog Films. Created for Filmograph Credits: Desgin:Kaya Thomas Animation: Amador Valenzuela CD – Aaron Becker EP – Seth Kleinberg *Alternate Concept



CG logo created for the new Epic Games release called Paragon. Static vector art was supplied by the client which we turned into a fully animated 3D version. Ultimately the team at Epic incorporated it into the game engine so they could render it in the