live action


Sox Holiday 2016

Working directly with the White Sox organization, we shot a silly video for the 2016 Holiday season. South Paw was great and the shoot was a lot of fun. Client: White Sox Live Action Direction – Amador Valenzuela (Black Book Studio) Director of Photography - Sergio


Furious 7

This is the fast-paced title sequence for the seventh installment in this high-octane franchise. Animated for  Filmograph. Credits: CG, Animation: Aaron Becker, Amador Valenzuela CD – Aaron Becker EP – Seth Kleinberg Below are the many iterations of the main title for Furious 7.


Sinister 2

Main on end titles design and animated for Filmograph This version contains footage that was originally shot but ultimately cut from the final film. Credits: CG, Design, Animation: Amador Valenzuela CD – Aaron Becker EP – Seth Kleinberg DP - Sergio Salgado Special Thanks - Luca



Client: Busch Gardens Agency: Momentum Creative Director: Phil Rampulla Director of CG/Animation: Amador Valenzuela Live Action Director: Jordan Levy Animators: Amador Valenzuela, Andrew Pabon, Aaron Kemnitzer, Joe Gunn, Caius Wong Modeling/Scene Assembly: Wes Burke, Andrew Pabon, Sara Kopke Compositing: Amador Valenzuela, Andrew Pabon, Sara Kopke Executive Producer/Producer:



We went all out on this pitch for Leo Burnette. It was meant to be an interactive gaming experience for Marlboro where players could test their digital drifting skills and battle one another online. The project, unfortunately, never got off the ground. Credits: Agency: Leo Burnette


Happy Halloween

Created for the 25th Anniversary of 3DS MAX. This is the evolution of a primitive shape as it transforms into complex geometry. This represents the progress and evolution of the software it was created in. Sound Design by Wesley Slover