Taktik 360 and Aquatik are premium lines of iPhone cases made by the amazing team at MINIMAL. Both cases are waterproof and dust resistant. Over twenty CG shots were created for the Indie Gogo campaign. Credits: Agency: MNML (Minimal) Brand: Lunatik CG, Animation: Black Book Inc (Amador


AFI Touchscreen

Interactive touchscreen app developed for the American Family Insurance store in Madison Wisconsin. Animation: Black Book Development: Material Group Special Thanks: Phil Rampulla & Mitch Lawin (CD/EP @MG) Sara Kopke, Andrew Pabon (Animation). Anthony Koeber, Derek Olson (Dev Team)


Unreal Engine

Intro/outro + lower third animations created for Unreal Engine's presentation at GDC. Client: Epic Games CD/Animation: Amador Valenzuela (Black Book) Type Animation: Matt Butler Additional Design: JT Helms Sound Design by Wesley Slover Below is an alternate direction for the intro/outro (Not seen at GDC)


Raindog Films

Feature film production logo for Raindog Films. Created for Filmograph Credits: Desgin:Kaya Thomas Animation: Amador Valenzuela CD – Aaron Becker EP – Seth Kleinberg *Alternate Concept



Sure Hang is a unique self-leveling laser level. The user can hook their tape measure into the base to make layout marks along laser lines. Black Book created CG product demos for online marketing. Sound Design by Wesley Slover


Happy Halloween

Created for the 25th Anniversary of 3DS MAX. This is the evolution of a primitive shape as it transforms into complex geometry. This represents the progress and evolution of the software it was created in. Sound Design by Wesley Slover



This was an animated piece we made for Samsung's line of green memory products showcased in Korea. Credits: Direction: Amador Valenzuela CG/Animation: Caius Wong, Amador Valenzuela Post: Sara Kopke



CG logo created for the new Epic Games release called Paragon. Static vector art was supplied by the client which we turned into a fully animated 3D version. Ultimately the team at Epic incorporated it into the game engine so they could render it in the

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